41.00m (134'06") - 8 guests - 2007

Summer: Western Mediterranean €135,000/week

Winter: Not Available



49.94m (163’09”) - 9 guests - 2010

Summer: South East Asia €189,000/week

Winter: South East Asia €189,000/week



52.20m (171'03") - 12 guests - 2008

Summer: Western Mediterranean €231,000/week

Winter: Western Mediterranean €231,000/week


Party Girl

44.50m (146'00") - 12 guests - 2008

Summer: Bahamas €119,039/week

Winter: Caribbean €138,504/week

Making your luxury yacht charter dream a reality

Yachts aren’t just our business. As one of the world’s premier yacht charter companies, yachts are our life. And although they’re not your life, when you charter a yacht with us, however long you stay on it, we'll make you feel like they are.

We understand that when you charter a private yacht, whether it's a super, mega or luxury yacht, you want it to be exhilarating. You want it to be luxurious. You want it to be perfect. At Charter That Yacht we specialise in customising your charter experience to your exact wants and needs; from the type of boat, the crew, and of course, the destinations.

You can explore any corner of the world you wish. Cruise along the coast of the Italian and French Riviera. Indulge in the relaxing lifestyle that the Caribbean offers. Sail down the coast of New England and discover undefiled fishing villages or swim amongst schools of tropical fish that call The Great Barrier Reef home. From top tourist destinations to uninhabited islands, we have hundreds of destinations to take you to.